24/7 On Demand Charter Service

When planning that out of town meeting or if you just need to get away for the day, contact us and leave your worries behind.


  • Do you feel like you never have enough time in the day?
  • How much time and money do you lose driving to jobsites and meetings? 

Northern Skies Aviation has your solution!

  • We can land at many of the airports that major airlines cannot. 
  • No standing in line for security checks and plane side service!


  • Our experienced pilot staff will get you to your destination efficiently and safely.
  • Our pilots undergo recurrent training and take flight checks every six months to ensure their skills remain sharp.
  • They have a wide variety of experience from airlines to corporate jet flying, as well as extensive backgrounds in air charter all across the country.
Round Trip Charter Prices
Destination Round Trip Flight Time *Cost based on Cessna 340
Helena, MT 2:00 $1450.00
Bozeman, MT 1:26 $1039.17
Great Fall, MT 2:06 $1522.50
Missoula, MT 2:58 $2150.84
Kalispell, MT 3:28 $2513.34
Glasgow, MT 2:22 $1715.84
Sidney, MT 2:50 $2054.17
Casper, WY 2:38 $1908.17
Cheyenne, WY 4:02 $1908.17
Sheridan, WY 1:20 $966.67
Jackson, WY 2:06 $1522.50
Bismark, ND 4:14 $3069.17
Williston, ND 3:14 $2344.14
Idaho Falls, ID 2:23 $1727.92
Portland, OR 7:10 $5195.84
Rapid City, SD 3:18 $2392.50
Seattle, WA 7:00 $5075.00
Minneapolis, MN 8:06 $5,920.84


**prices are estimated trip will be billed at actual **


Additional Charges as Flights are Tailored to Your Needs
Billings Pickup $50.00
Billings Drop-Off $50.00
Co-Pilot $300.00
Fuel Stop $150.00
Rental Car Actual Cost
Hangar Rent Actual Cost
Hold/Wait Time $50.00/Hour
Landing/Ramp Fee Actual Cost
Loding for Pilot Actual Cost
Pilot and Co-pilot Meals Actual Cost
Overnight Fee $100.00
Cessna 414 Tax 7.5%



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