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Full Service FBO, Flight Training School, and On  Demand Charter

Northern Skies Aviation is located at the Laurel Municipal Airport – 6S8, in class G airspace. We are just a short distance from Billings, MT and offer the following services:
     Open 7 days a week
      On demand charter flights 24/7
     Airplane Flight Training
      Helicopter Training
      PCATD Flight Simulator
      Aerial Photography, sightseeing and scenic air tours
      Full service maintenance facilities
      Jet Ranger turbine helicopter ready to meet your helicopter aerial work.  24 hour self
      serve 100LL and Jet A
      Courtesy Car
      Weather and flight planning computer available during business hours
     Free coffee and friendly service

Would you like to find out if flying an airplane or helicopter is for you? Give us a call and make your appointment today for an introduction flight in one of our Cessna 172’s or Schweizer 300C.

Laurel Municipal Airport (6S8) I Laurel Montana I 3 Instrument Approaches I Super AWOS (123.05) click
mic 3 times I Just 11 nm from Billings Logan Airport I Elevation 3517 I Runways 4/22 and 14/32(asphalt)
and 9/27 (Turf) I Over 100 aircraft located on the field. Photo Courtesy of Sky Portraits -Ken Benner

About Us

Kent and Stephanie Potter started Northern Skies Aviation in 1994 with a Super Cub and a dream to share their passion of flight in the Big Sky Country of Montana. Today they operate six fixed wing aircraft and two helicopters for charter, flight training, surveys, and sightseeing.

Located just south west of Montana’s largest city, Billings MT, Northern Skies Aviation operates out of Laurel Municipal Airport. We are at the foot of the Beartooth Mountains and a gateway to Yellowstone National Park. Our scenic flight services begin the second we lift off, with a wide open river valley, the Rimrock Cliffs, and the Rocky Mountains.

For more information on the city of Laurel, check out and

Meet our customer service representatives
Sarah and Zoë … they really run the place!

Contact Us

Northern Skies Aviation, Inc.
P.O. Box 936
3900 Fox Road
Laurel, MT 59044
Ph: 406-628-2219
Fax: 406-628-8439
For More Information please email us at [email protected]
Stephanie Potter
Kent Potter
Director of Operations/Owner/Chief  Pilot/Chief Flight Instructor
Bob Miller
General Manager
Kurtis Barth
Director of Maintenance

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Bell Turbine 206B3 Helicopter Services

FAA Certified Operations:
     FAR Part 135 Charters
     FAR Part 133 Extended Long Line*
*Pending Certification

     Scenic Tours
     Shuttle Services
     Charter and Air Taxi
     Pipeli ne Patrol
     Transmission Line Patrol (Power Line)
     Electronic News Gathering Aerial Film and Photo Work
     Coyote and Pest Eradication
     Cherry Drying/Agricultural
     Emergency Response due to:
          Snow and Ice
          Search and Rescue
Helicopter Capabilities:
     Sling loads up to 1500 lbs externally pending certification
     Fuel truck for on site fueling available to accommodate customers needs
     Cruising capabilities up to 120 knots
     Flight Rate $900.00 per flight hour
     Can hold up to 4 passengers
Pilot Capabilities
     Pilot can fly 8 hours a day.
     Pilot has extensive low level and mountain flying experience.
     Pilot has 20000 total flight hours with over 5000 of those in helicopters.

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Airplane Flight Training

Northern Skies Aviation has been offering flight training since 1994. Our staff of instructors are knowledgeable and ready to provide the training necessary to get your fixed wing ratings.
Flight Training available for:
     Private pilot
     Instrument Rating
      Commercial Pilot
     Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
     Ground Instructor
      Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

Additional flight training available:
       Flight reviews
      Instrument proficiency checks  Complex aircraft endorsements
      Mountain flying  Instruction in your own aircraft

We are a FAA 141, VA Chapter 30, 33, and an AFSP approved flight school. Our fixed wing training fleet consists of single engine Cessna aircraft that are IFR certified and equipped.   We are affiliated with Utah Valley University (UVU) - Get your online degree through UVU while you train with us!      

Want to fly!  Contact us to learn more.

training5 training6

Helicopter Training

Helicopter Training Available:
      Private Pilot
      Commercial Pilot
      Instrument Rating
      Airline Transport Pilot
      Certified Flight Instructor
      Instrument Flight Instructor
      Add on courses available:
           Private Pilot (*25 hours)
           Instrument Rating (*18 hours)
           Commercial Pilot (*35 hours)

           *Minimum requirements

     Northern Skies Aviation is FAA 141, VA Chapter 30, 33, and an AFSP approved flight school.
      Our staff of instructors are among the areas most knowledgeable and experienced.
      We do our helicopter training in the Schweizer 300c model.
      The Schweizer has a proven safety record, unparalleled maneuverability, inherent flight stability, and responsive handling.
GPS, VOR- Laurel Municipal Airport DME Arcs,
ILS, and traffic radar at Billings Logan International Airport only 8 NM away!
Contact us to get started today!

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24/7 On Demand Charter Service

When planning that out of town meeting or if you just need to get away for the day, contact us and leave your worries behind.
    Do you feel like you never have enough time in the day?
     How much time and money do you lose driving to jobsites and meetings?

Northern Skies Aviation has your solution!
     We can land at many of the airports that major airlines cannot.
     No standing in line for security checks and plane side service!  

     Our experienced pilot staff will get you to your destination efficiently and safely.
     Our pilots undergo recurrent training and take flight checks every six months to ensure their skills remain sharp.
  They have a wide variety of experience from airlines to corporate jet flying, as well as extensive backgrounds in air charter all across the country.  

Round Trip Charter Prices

**prices are estimated trip will be billed at actual **

 Destination Round Trip Flight Time        Cost Based on Cassna 340    
Helena MT 2:00 $1470.00                                        Billings Pickup $50.00
Bozeman MT   1:26 $1051.05 Billings Drop-off $50.00
Great Fall MT 2:06 $1594.95 Co-Pilot $300.00   
Missoula MT 2:58      $2182.95   Fuel Stop $150.00
Kalispell MT 3:28 $2550.45 Rental Car Actual Cost  
Glasgow MT 2:22 $1741.95 Hangar Rent Actual Cost
Sidney MT 2:50 $2080.05 Hold/Wait Time $50.00/hour  
Casper WY 2:38 $1933.05 Landing/Ramp Fee   Actual Cost
Cheyenne WY       4:02 $2962.05 Lodging for Pilot Actual Cost
Sheridan WY 1:20 $977.55 Pilot and Co Pilot Meals             Actual Cost       
Jackson WY 2:06 $1543.50 Overnight Fee $100.00
Bismarck ND 4:14 $3109.05 Cessna 414 Tax 7.5%
Williston ND 3:14 $2374.05    
Idaho Falls ND                    2:23 $1749.30    
Portland OR 7:10 $5269.96    
Rapid City SD 3:18 $2425.50    
Seattle WA 7:00 $5145.00    
Minneapolis MN 8:06 $6004.95    

Request a Quote

Please submit all charter request to [email protected] or call 406.628.2219 When emailing, please include:

  1. Contact name, phone number, and email address
  2. Destination
  3. Departure Date
  4. Number of Passengers 
  5. Return date 6. Weight of any baggage or cargo

Montana Aircraft Maintenance

Northern Skies Aviation is the only full service FBO located at the Laurel Municipal Airport (6S8) in Laurel MT.
Whether you need a scheduled annual inspection, routine maintenance, or nonscheduled maintenance we are a complete aircraft maintenance facility. Stop by or call and visit with our maintenance department to discuss your aircraft needs.
Our certified technicians maintain our charter and training fleet of single and twin Cessna airplanes along with Bell and Schweizer helicopters. We maintain our fleet to FAA and manufacturer standards, while flying over 4000 hours per year. We strive to operate with minimal down time and high attention to detail, the same quality of work you can expect on your aircraft. If you need scheduled maintenance, or find yourself needing unexpected maintenance contact us at 406-628-2219.
Maintenance and Repair Services
      Engine 100 hours
      Factory recommended inspections
      Major repairs
      Aircraft rebuild
      Fabric rebuilds
      Engine changes
      Prop balance
      Aircraft reweigh
      Or you just need air in your tires!

Northern Skies Aviation, Inc
PO Box 936
Laurel, MT 59044
Ph: 406.628.2219
Fax: 406.625.8439